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Inspire Black Edition: Elevating Flooring with Water-proof and scratch-resistance

The Waterproof Wonder

Inspire Black Edition isn’t your ordinary laminate, it’s a game-changer!

Let’s dive into the magic that sets it apart:

Waterproof Core: Your floor will be protected like an umbrella so you can say goodbye to soggy surprises!

Locking System Mastery: Each plank fits snugly with our Angle-Angle click system, creating a fortress against moisture invasion. 

Top Layer: Water beads up, refusing to penetrate. Imagine your floor as a superhero cape deflecting water droplets with ease.

Pet-Approved, Kids-Approved, Everything approved!

Growing families often include furry friends! Paws, claws, and zoomies are part of the package!

That’s why we do it right!

AC5 Grade Toughness: Our laminate flooring flaunts an AC5 rating, designed for light commercial use. Translation? It laughs at scratches. Even puppy playdates won’t leave a mark.

Pet-Proof Durability: Whether it’s a cat’s midnight sprint or a dog’s excited dance, this floor can handle it. The scratch-resistant surface ensures your flooring stays flawless.

Stylish Elegance

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. The Inspire Black Edition doesn’t compromise on style. It mimics the richness of hardwood or stone without the hefty price tag. Choose from a range of chic designs—each plank whispering sophistication.

The Perfect Fit

Inspire Black Edition is more than flooring; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It’s for the family that spills, pets that play, and style enthusiasts who demand elegance. Say hello to waterproof wonder and wave goodbye to scratches. Your floors deserve nothing less.

Ready to transform your space? Visit our showroom or explore our website to witness the magic firsthand.

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